Thursday, March 6, 2008

So we know I suck...

at updating this thing.

Ah, let's see. Still pregnant. (WOOHOO!) Still high risk. Start the 17-Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone shots tomorrow as soon as I can get the script filled at the compounding pharmacy. I don't have a history of pre-term labor, but the perinatologist thinks it will cut my chance of having additional trouble by half. So, I'm all for that.

Well, cervical length is down from 2.7 (which was not really normal to begin with) to a 2.2, so I go in Saturday morning for a cerclage. I'm slightly nervous, but the doc thinks at this point it will be better for me to have one than not. In fact, he said he might be more lenient in regards to my activities with the cerclage in place. Yay. Housework. LOL.

Baby is doing awesome. We found out the sex today. It's a beautiful baby boy! So, we will now have 3 boys, and I think we're done. Yes, a girl would have been nice, but I do love my boys. I just wanted DH to have that father-daughter relationship, kind of like the special relationship I have with the boys. Plus, umm, all the shopping. I'll post some pictures so anyone who's interested can see the progression of growth in the baby. Now, of course, the Great Name Debate begins. Ah, it shall be fun!

Here we are at 7wXd:

And 9w2d:
And 17w1d - The infamous 'Boy' shot:

And again at 17w1d - just some adorable feet:

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